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Hey Creators! 👋, welcome to Veloz

Veloz in spanish means fast. Veloz is a SaaS boilerplate that helps you launch your SaaS business fast. It is a collection of boilerplates that helps you get started with your SaaS business in minutes using your preferred technologies.

Veloz offers a unique solution to launch your SaaS business with versatility in technology. Unlike typical SaaS boilerplates, we don't limit you to a single framework or language. Enjoy the flexibility to use the language you're comfortable with while getting the complete package for your SaaS journey.

Getting Started

Below is a brief introduction to the boilerplate. Follow the instructions to get it up and running.


If you've purchased a kit, you should have received a repo invite. If not, buy one here (opens in a new tab). If you're missing an invite, share your GitHub handle on our Discord community (opens in a new tab).

Getting Started

Make sure you have the latest version of Node.js (opens in a new tab) and git (opens in a new tab) installed on your machine.

Step 1

Install Veloz ClI

# npm
npm install -g veeloz
# yarn
yarn global add veeloz

Step 2

After installation of veeloz cli, you would need to authenticate the cli with your Veeloz account token. You can get your token from here (opens in a new tab).


Run the command below


veeloz auth

This would walk you through the steps of authenticating your cli with your veloz account token.

Step 3

Create a new project

After authenticating with the Veeloz CLI, use the following command to create a new project.


veeloz use kit-name

where <kit-name> are the available and purchased kits you have access to. You can get a list of available kits by visiting the starterkits page (opens in a new tab).

Running the above command would walk you through the steps of creating a new project.

🎉 🎉 Congratulations! You've successfully created a new project. 🎉 🎉

You can now go ahead and follow the steps needed based on the kit selected.

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